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LK TECH can provide an evaluation of your network.
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CIO Consulting Services

Businesses do not normally employ a Chief Information Officer "CIO".  LK TECH can provide the required CIO Services to your company.
IT Strategic Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, IT Business System Design, and IT Departmental Review Services.  Helping our clients match their IT Plan with their Business Plan. Ensuring our clients make the right Technology decision to solve not only their current IT needs, but that their Technology Plan stays focused on their Business goals. With Technology changing so quickly, it is important that a Technology Plan will adapt and be flexible with changes in business goals and technology.
Disaster Recovery Planning - Whether for Business Compliance or Business Continuation reasons, LK TECH can provide our clients the documentation, system review and disaster recovery planning required for business continuation from any disaster that would affect business operations. Disaster Recovery Planning would concentrate on the three primary areas of disaster: Personnel, Building / Server Room, and Geographic Area.
Information Systems Review - Providing our clients with a full review of their IT Systems. LK TECH will review, document and provide recommendations based on Infrastructure and Microsoft Best Practice Standards.
Information Systems Design - Review of our clients business workflow and long term business goals; LK TECH can then provide a design for the IT Systems that will support the business goals while keeping flexibility, disaster recovery and growth as a focus of design.
IT Strategic Planning - IT Strategic Planning will incorporate Disaster Recovery Planning, Information System Review and Information System Design. This service combines all three major facets of  an IT Business System. IT Strategic Planning will provide our clients the 360 degree view and understanding of how their IT Systems will work with their long term Business Plans.
IT Departmental Review - With an IT Departmental Review our clients can confidently understand their IT Personnel duties and IT Budgets are in line with Best Practice Standards.
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