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LK TECH can provide an evaluation of your network.
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Phone: 513-769-7100

Managed Services

LK TECH can provide our clients with a custom solution for proactive support of their IT Systems. Monitoring, Scheduled Maintenance, Workstation Update Automation, Operating System Security Update Automation and Disaster Recovery Solutions. LK TECH's 24 / 7 automated systems will alert the LK TECH Help Desk and any appointed person in your organization when the IT System tolerance preset thresholds are triggered. While all IT issues cannot be predicted, these preventive measures help our clients reduce downtime and system outages.  
System Monitoring - LK TECH's Managed Services provides monitoring of the Application Server(s) for performance, CPU utilization, and disk space. This automated system will provide alerts to any server or application issues that can affect their use of the application.
Internet System Monitoring - LK TECH will provide monitoring of Internet Domain activity, such as Domain expiration, DNS and SMTP traffic. In addition, LK TECH can provide Security with spam and virus filtering that be monitored for updates and managed on each sever and workstation.
Network Monitoring - Monitoring of our client’s entire Server(s), Firewall and Switch activity, providing thresholds for automated alerts for any SMNP connected device. Alerting our clients to failed hard drives, high CPU utilization, failed Backups, failed Anti-Virus updates, failed Security and Windows Updates and undesired activity from inside and outside of our clients networks.

Content Filtering - Internet Content Filtering will provide our clients the control to exclude individual website access or content based on categories.

Scheduled Maintenance - LK TECH will schedule monthly or quarterly on-site visits to provide physical inspection of the server(s), provide on-site Help Desk Support, Server Security updates, Server Operating System Service Packs and testing of our client's backup.
Patch Managed Services - Automated and monitored systems that will provide updates to the workstations and servers security and operating systems, keeping up with the many updates, Anti-Virus, and Application patches that are released daily.
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